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Problem with Hewlett Packard 7673 Autosampler


we have Hewllet Packard GC series II which equipped by Hewlett Packard 7673 Auto sampler and split injector. the is a problem with auto sampler, I should use it for quantification of fatty acids, but all the peaks are huge ( specially solvent peak). when I injected manually the same sample all peaks are normal. would you please help me in this matter?

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Dan Ste.Marie


Verify that the autosampler is set to inject the same amount of sample as your manual injection.  If you are using software to control the A/S it is relatively straightforward.  If you are not and are using the controller box alone, you will need to verify that the dip switch setting behind the cover of the A/S door are set for the correct injection volume.

You might also want to verify that you have the correct size syringe installed.

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