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Unknown Equipment

Hi All -

We have a piece of equipment stored in an ocean container that we don't know a lot about and are trying to determine if there is any value in the equipment. What we know is that it is a:

"Torbed Continuous Feed Mineral Processor", model "Torbed 1000" and serial number "1000/05P"

Manufactured by Torftech.

This is an industrial piece of equipment but I was hoping someone on this forum would be aware of the unit/manufacturer and can point me in a direction to possibly market the equipment for sale.  I have already contacted Torftech directly and they were not able to assist.

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HI Brad999

Is this the equipment you are looking at?

Torbed 1000 Reactor.

http://www.labwrench.com/FeaturedProducts/TORBED Exfoliator Brochure T1000VBRO1-2.pdf

I didn't find the exact equipment, but you may want to look on LabX.com under Process Reactors to find similar products.


Ronnie Stanley
LabWrench Administrator
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Yes that is the equipment.  My inquiry was primarily to find avenues to potentially market it i there is a high enough estimted value to warrant the process.

Thanks for the tip on where to look  on your website  - I found a few equipment marketing companies that I am contacting.

The help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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