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Some of key features include

Access from Anywhere - Gensolve Practice Manager provides you with secure access to your clinics information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Medical Appointment Scheduling - The Gensolve patient Appointment Scheduling and medical scheduling software book makes managing your appointments as easy and flexible as possible.

Patient Records - Gensolve Patient Management System allows you to create electronic patient files, ensuring that all a patient’s individual information is recorded efficiently and in one place.  

Electronic Billing - With Gensolve medical electronic billing software one can easily manage private and insurance billing including electronic medical claims to ACC (New Zealand) and HICAPS (Australia).

Financials - Gensolve Financial accounting software has integrated an industry leading accounting package into its software application for managing flow of critical financial data.

Stock Management - With Gensolve Stock Management one can easily do Stock transfers between sites, Specify buy / sell price for a date range, reporting of stock sold, etc.

Reporting - Clinical Reporting System take regular snapshot of your key performance indicators or run more detailed reports to analyze appointments, financial information or clinical effectiveness. Access to detailed financial and statistical reporting lets you view all aspects of the business in real time.

Marketing - Identifying specific clients in your database is an important and powerful way to help market your business effectively and increase revenue opportunities.

All the above features of Gensolve allied health practice management software make one stop solutions for all Health Professionals in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

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