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Waters new SQ Detector 2

I'd like to know more about Waters new SQ Detector 2  like   l

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Our newest mass detector is the ACQUITY QDA Detector. It's designed to enable chromatographers to aquire and use mass data in a similar workflow as you use UV detection data -- without having to know the details of how to operate a mass spectrometer.

ACQUITY QDa is as intuitive as an optical detector, with the robustness to handle all of your analyses. Working in harmony with your chromatography, it is pre-optimized to work with your samples, without the sample-specific or user adjustments typical of traditional mass spectrometers.

The ACQUITY QDa is compatible with both Waters Empower and MassLynx software.

Learn more at waters.com/qda

The SQ Detector 2, our single quadrupole mass detector for chromatography that's used with MassLynx Software, is also still available. See details here.

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