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GE Healthcare launches high performance Amersham™ Imager 600 series

Superb imaging in chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric applications

The sensitive and robust Amersham™* Imager 600 series  from GE Healthcare is designed to enable capture and analysis of high resolution digital images of protein and DNA samples in gels and membranes. These multipurpose imagers deliver high performance imaging to chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric applications and the wide dynamic range allows weak and strong signals to be quantitated accurately at the same time.

Full system automation means that after startup, there is no need for focusing, insertion of light sources, changing of filters, calibrations, or other adjustments. In each capture mode, images are automatically corrected for both geometric and intensity distortion therefore minimizing the hassle of post-processing for publication.

The seamless workflow allows users to readily detect and quantitate bands, determine molecular weight, and perform normalization. With integrated analysis software controllable via a touch screen device, the results are presented in both tabular and graphical formats, enabling quick and easy generation and analysis of data.


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