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Request for Quote GG1441

MCR 501 Stress Controlled Rheometer

(Make: Anton Parr)

Device Specifications:

Torque range 0.01 uN. M-300 m. Nm

Force range: 0.01-50N With resolution of 0.002N

Frequency: 10-5 to 628 rad/s

Speed: up to 300/min

Displacement resolution:0.01 urad


Cone and Plate tools

Diameters 25 & 50mm and angels 1,2 and 4 degrees

Temperature range: -20C-200C

Additional details:

Air bearing, EC motor, Automatic gap control adjustment Necessary spares for the said equipment for the continuous operation of five years along with spares detail and cost breakup.

The requisite system is required on exclusive PC along with printer for data Acquisition.

Pre-shipment inspection and training of two officials at manufacturer’s site.


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Hi annhenderer

I have provided you with a link below that will take you to the online request a quote form for the Anton Paar MCR Rheometer Series. Please fill in the required information and we will have your request sent out as soon as possible.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ronnie Stanley
LabWrench Administrator
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Anton Paar

Dear annhenderer,

Please provide contact information so we may accommodate your request.

Best regards,

Pam Jaeger

Anton Paar USA

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