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Difference between program and sample Temperature


I have a problem with my STA 6000 :

When i went to a temperature of 50°C the sample température was 42°C Although i leave it for hours. And sometimes it was in a good temperature (about 1 per month) but most of the time it was wrong.

And it during the test, the difference between program and sample Température increase, for expample : program 900 and sample 870°C.

Can you you help me please.


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Please contact us. RT Instruments Inc. 530-666-6700


We service, repair and have consumables for your STA 6000.


Tito 530-867-5519


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Hi Tito,

Although it is your choice to go offline with your discussion, we are sure that other LabWrench users would appreciate if you kept your discussion within the thread. This will help to keep a permanent record of the issue that members are facing and how it was solved to help others in the community that may be facing a similar challenge. 

We appreciate your participation.

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Hi Rija, do you have any update on this issue. Has it been resolved?

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