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venting screvs breaks up

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Recently we started to use HF(hydrofluoric acid) for mineralisation. After some mineralisation processes venting screvs breaks up. Rotor type 8CXF100. Could it be , that HF influenced the crash of venting screvs ?

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Breaking of a venting screw is in most cases due to misuse or lack of cleaning/maintenance of the part.. Using HF will have no detrimental effect.

The suggestion is to regularly inspect all venting screws, and clean when necessary. Also, it is important to only close the venting screws finger-tight (don't use any tools). Additionally at the end of each experiment, the venting screws should only be opened one full turn (360°), no more.

Additional instructions for proper maintenance of vessels, caps, and other consumable parts can be found in this document: http://download.anton-paar.com/filetransfer/D56A564D25AF48EAC1257CAE004189A0

We are happy to call you to discuss any questions you may have. Please respond with your phone number if you would like to speak with a representative.

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