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Copper stick and Reduction tube

Hello, our lab are in need of copper stick and the reduction tube urgently, but Leco Corp won't the consumbles for another three weeks and our lab can't be down that long. Is any body have an idea where I can get the consumables besides Leco? I really APPRECIATE it!! Thank you.

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Hi CT,

You might have been trying to find 502-304 Copper Sticks, I do see those are out of stock, however there are a couple of different options to try:

Part number 502-189 is a Deoxizied copper stick in a 100 gram ampoule.  and part number 502-304-500 is simply a larger container (500 grams instead of 100 grams)

Any of these three will work in the TruSpec

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Hi KWittlieff, our instrument is Leco TruSpec-N and we use it for testing fertilizers. they're high salt content for both liquid and solid.

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