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error 707

My reflotron plus is giving error 707, seftest...can anyone help me? Please!

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Try out this !

Ok! Error 707 means : Heater top , self test,

and the reasons are: either,

1- selftest routine

2- heat element

3- EEPROM has failed,

Here is what you can do,

a, Change the optomechanical unit

b, perfom controler initialisation,

c, perfom white strip calibration

d, perfom CHEK strip remission,

That should help you restore your machine !!!

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Ramon Aloy

On top of photometer sphere, there is a flex cable, it connect upper heater (black cover of photometer input) with her PCB, on back of sphere. If this flex cable is deformed by contact with black upper cover, you can be sure that it's broken, and current don´t arrive to upper heater. If you don't have another opto mechanical unit for dismount this part and sustitute it, must change all opto mechanical unit.

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