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Looking for an affordable NIR spectrometer for lab or field applications?

The LF-Series delivers high performance and reliability with four models to choose from.
The SPECTRAL EVOLUTION LF-Series delivers four models in a standard bench package with fixed fiber optic, SMA-905 connection and a single TE-cooled InGaAs photodiode array optical system. These NIR spectrometers deliver the high performance and reliability you need for field or laboratory applications that can include:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Water/moisture analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Petrochemicals
  • Environmental analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Refining
  • Food

 The LF-Series provides the following advantages without stressing your budget:

    Reliable operation with all photodiode array construction and no moving optical parts
    Stable performance with TE-Cooled InGaAs array
    Built-in autoshutter and autoexposure for one-touch scanning
    Wide choice of optics including fiber, lens, integrating spheres, cuvette and filter holder, and leaf clip
    DARWin SP Data Acquisition software that's easy to use and saves your data as ASCII files for use with third party software program

The LF-Series includes the following models:

    LF-2500: 1000-2500nm spectral range, 256 element extended InGaAs photodiode array
    LF-2300: 1850-2500nm spectral range, 256 element extended InGaAs photodiode array
    LF-2100: 1100-2100nm spectral range, 256 element extended InGaAs photodiode array
    LF-1250: 900-1700nm spectral range, 512 element InGaAs photodiode array


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