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MultiTest 50 – the new Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron tablet hardness tester

 The new generation MultiTest 50 tablet hardness tester sets new standards for fast and user-friendly operation. Based on the proven high-precision Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron hardness measuring technology, the MultiTest 50 is a robust multi-purpose tablet tester perfectly suited for in-process control and QC laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.

Equipped with a large EasyTouch™ user interface, the new MultiTest 50 allows operators to quickly take single measurements or to perform complete tests of five physical parameters. By connecting an analytical balance, the instrument combines weight, thickness, width, diameter/length and hardness measurements in a single report. Results are automatically compared to product specifications – eliminating time-consuming manual evaluation by operators.

All measuring processes of the MultiTest 50 have been optimized for quickly obtaining highly accurate results – allowing operators to quickly perform a series of tests without unproductive waiting times due to jaw homing procedures commonly seen with other hardness testers. An integrated FastTest™ thickness gauge and tablet positioning carousel assist in quickly orienting even convex tablet shapes. To save time, operators can take thickness and weight measurements while a hardness test is running.

To start a test, the operator needs to select a product name and push start. All measurements taken are then immediately evaluated using programmed product specifications. Integrated 3-level user administration ensures that only authorized personnel can create or modify data. Comprehensive test reports can be easily configured to include all required information. At the end of a test run, a report is automatically printed on a USB, LAN or serial printer. If required, measurement data can also be electronically collected in a 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant PC software or for R&D simply saved on a USB flash drive in Excel® compatible format for further analysis.


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