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SOTAX Group launches new AT dissolution apparatus as part of its Xtend™ Dissolution Line

The SOTAX Group, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of dissolution testing, automated sample preparation and physical testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, is launching the new AT dissolution apparatus as part of its Xtend™ Dissolution Line.
This new concept consists of   new individual and standardized Xtend™ modules such as the  AT dissolution bath, the CP pump, the FS filter station and the SAM sample manager which (depending on the required automation level) can be flexibly combined for different automation requirements – from a manual bath to semi- and fully automated dissolution system. Irrespective of the chosen configuration, all modules and components of the Xtend™ Dissolution Line are extremely robust as they are designed for the most demanding conditions of a fully automated system running 24 hours per day.

The new AT dissolution bath is the heart of the Xtend™ Dissolution Line. Whether used as a manual apparatus or as the core component in an automated dissolution system – the AT has been designed for the most demanding environments. Built on the success of preceding SOTAX dissolution systems, the AT can be flexibly configured for USP 1,2,5,6 dissolution methods. Its unique design combines robust quality components with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee reproducible testing conditions, day after day.

The AT dissolution bath with 6-8 vessels sets new standards for quick and easy operation. At the same time, it opens up a new dimension of observation possibilities for R&D visualization and OOS troubleshooting with the new and unique CenterView™ design: this technology provides perfect visualization and video recording of release processes in each dissolution vessel. Located in the center of the dissolution bath, all video cameras can be adjusted and controlled for height and focal distance.

The AT dissolution apparatus fully complies with all harmonized Pharmacopeia requirements and features “built-in” compliance without any adjustment. The proven SOTAX AutoCompliance™ concept with fixed shaft height and vessel positioning guarantees 100% compliance without requiring time-consuming adjustments by the analyst. For fast change-overs, quick-lock systems and a vertical bath closing mechanism (manual or motorized) provide for simple handling processes.

The AT also features the simple and intuitive EasyTouch™ touch screen operation making dissolution test set-up and method programming easier than ever. Logical, icon-based menu structures and multi-language capability reduce analyst training times to a minimum.


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