Six Reasons why Laboratories Should Embrace Social Media

Laboratories are at the forefront of research and analysis. But when it comes to communication, they are followers rather than leaders and can be very slow to adopt innovations. The use of social media is a case in point, as a recent survey of nearly 200 lab managers revealed. There are six good reasons for labs to explore the opportunities offered by the social media:

  1. EXPERIENCE.The social media bring the lab into direct contact with a huge international network of people whose expertise is based on experience. Their input can be very useful in problem solving as well as in matters such as the purchase of new equipment.
  2. RECRUITMENT.The social media turn traditional recruitment methods on their head. Everything is faster, less expensive and more effective.
  3. BRANDING.Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are excellent channels for strengthening the organizations name and reputation. Over 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies now have their own Twitter channel, and an increasing number of companies have appointed a dedicated social media manager.
  4. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION.In many organizations, mistakes and failure to achieve goals can be attributed, at least in part, to poor communication and poor knowledge sharing. Yammer, the business equivalent of Twitter, can do much to resolve this problem. A major advantage is that everyone within the organization can see the Yammer messages, which are archived for future reference. Yammer provides an ideal channel through which knowledge and information can be shared.
  5. NEW CLIENTS.The traditional communication tools are often restricted to an existing network. Social media open up new networks and opportunities to introduce the organization to new clients. This is clearly of interest to commercial labs.
  6. ALERTNESSAlthough laboratories are less susceptible than commercial companies, negative publicity based on incorrect information can have a serious impact. In communication, a slow response results in loss of control. A presence in the social media can help to put the record straight, quickly and effectively.

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Social Networking Site for Lab Equipment Helps Researchers Around the World!

Questions and Answers Pour In

The product-focused social networking site LabWrench is helping researchers using lab equipment overcome challenges they face in the field and connect with scientists all over the world.

Take, for example, this question that was asked on LabWrench by a scientist conducting research in Antarctica using the Varian Cary 50 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. She hadn't planned to work with chlorophyll initially, but thought it may be an interesting addition to the project. Because of the location in which the research was being conducted, she was unable to source a difference piece of equipment. Luckily, this person discovered LabWrench and posted the question to the site where members of the community quickly responded. I am confident a solution was found.

As questions continue to pour in from around the world, visitors are asking about everything from decoding messages and seeking manuals to service or repair. Several other interesting topics are also being discussed.

There have been instances where a question has been asked on LabWrench with an answer being provided within minutes. In some cases, these questions would otherwise have taken hours or days to get answered when sent through an e-mail or comment box via a manufacturer's website.

As more and more researchers turn to social networking sites like LabWrench to discuss equipment and connect with each other, the information found on the site will become invaluable.

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Comparison Engine Launched for Laboratory Equipment

LabWrench Launches Laboratory Equipment Comparison Engine.

The new product-focused social networking website LabWrench ( has released a comparison engine on a number of key lab equipment product categories. This feature compliments the fast-growing website by giving lab professionals the ability to filter through a defined set of product features based on their requirements and output a side-by-side comparison with comprehensive specifications and details.

"The depth of these specifications is second to none in the industry,", says LabX Media Group President, Bob Kafato. "Take our centrifuge category for example, nowhere online can you delve into the purchase process of a centrifuge and define your requirements for maximum spin speed, requirements for refrigeration and tube capacity, and then sort the matching products side by side however you want. It puts all the details in front of the lab purchaser and that helps them make smart, informed decisions".

Work has been completed to open up 20 product categories for comparison as a start. "We focused on the core products that every lab in interested in, from basic lab equipment such as analytical balances, lab shakers, lab stirrers, fume hoods, and freezers, to even the more advanced analytical instruments such as spectrophotometers and microplate readers. We're just getting started and getting more and more data loaded into the comparison".

Vendors are equally excited to participate by providing additional data that sometimes cannot be found anywhere else on the web. It also gives them an opportunity to get their products in front of users who know exactly what they're looking for and understand the value of being found in our filter system. The core of the LabWrench is still the community and the questions and discussions that scientists are asking about their lab equipment on a daily basis. "Questions are pouring in. Scientists can now use their peers to troubleshoot. I've seen questions submitted and responses posted within minutes. Now that's exciting!"

Check out our list of completed categories and start comparing lab equipment today.

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